Stonehenge Steel Grey 250gsm / Size: 22x30"

The Paper Parlour


Stonehenge was created in 1972 specifically as a 100% cotton deckled paper for the printmaking community, made to rival the more expensive European mouldmade papers. It was quickly adopted not just by printmakers, but by artists across working in a broad spectrum of media.

Stonehenge sheet paper is classic and has been produced since 1972. This 100% cotton paper is used by all kinds of artists, not just printmakers. Over the four decades this paper has been proved to be very versatile and affordable, yet never compromising it's stability, archival properties and fiber composition.

The Paper Parlour offers this wonderful paper in three classic colours; white, steel gray and kraft tan. This product is best suited for: Hand Lithography, Intaglio, Letterpress, Offset, Pen & Ink, Pastel & Charcoal, Relief Printing, Silkscreen, Stationery, Watercolor.

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